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Working together since 1997, the Minnesota Community Land Trust Coalition is a ten organization member-based coalition collectively serving Minnesota. These organizations assist low-to-moderate-income households in their goal of achieving affordable home ownership across the state.

For more than twenty years, the collective members have created over 1,250 permanently affordable homes across the state. As these portfolios mature more of the homes will be reselling, presenting more opportunities for new buyers annually and more work and new challenges for CLT organizations. 

Minnesota Community Land Trust members include:

  • One Roof Community Housing serving Duluth and surrounding area

  • First Homes serving Rochester and surrounding area

  • Partnership Community Land Trust serving southwestern Minnesota

  • Carver County CLT Program serving Carver County

  • Two Rivers Community Land Trust serving Anoka and Washington Counties

  • West Hennepin Affordable Land Trust, dba Homes Within Reach serving suburbs of Hennepin County

  • City of Lakes Community Land Trust serving the city of Minneapolis

  • Central MN Community Land Trust serving St. Cloud and surrounding area 

  • Rondo Community Land Trust, St. Paul, Minnesota

  • Scott Country Community Land Trust

  • West Central Community Land Trust

  • Cass Clay Community Land Trust

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